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Our members may borrow free of charge from a selection of books and equipment owned by our group.  Use this page to browse the available items and, if you are a member, click the item name to reserve the item you would like to borrow. To search a category press Ctrl + F and enter the text to find.
Item Name Details
1934 Official Short Wave Radio Manual (1987 Reprint) Year 1934
1934 Official Shory Wave Radio Manual (1987 Reprint)  
1934 Official Shory Wave Radio Manual (1987 Reprint)  
1978 The Radio Amateur Antenna Handbook by William Orr W6SAI (1993 Reprint)  
A Course in Radio Fundamentals (ARRL) 1942  
A Flick of the Switch Morgan E. McMahon 1975  
Amateur Radio on the Move (ARRL) 2005  
Amateur Radio On The Move (ARRL, 2005)  
APRS Tracks, Maps and Mobiles Stan Horzepa WA1LOU 2002  
ARRL Ham Radio FAQ 2001  
ARRL Ham Radio FAQ (2001)  
ARRL Wire Antenna Classics 2000  
ARRL's More Wire Antenna Classics- Volume 2 2010  
ARRL's Small Antennas for Small Spaces 2011  
ARRL's VHF/UHF Antenna Classics 2003  
ARRL's Wire Antenna Classics 2000  
Basic Electronics – Radio Shack Same as 2000 W5YI edition
Basic Electronics- Radio Shack (Same as 2000 W5YI edition)  
Blue Cell Designer's Handbook Mini-Circuits 2003  
Buchsbausm's Complete Handbook of Practical Electronic Reference Data 1973 Walter H. Buchsbaum  
Building Power Supplies David Lines 1991  
CMOS Cookbook Don Lancaster 1997  
Concepts of Electricity Lawrence P. Larsen 1998  
Digital Communication With Amateur Radio 1988 Mike Forsyth N7KQE  
Digital Electronics 1996 William Kleitz  
Digital Signal Processing Technology 2003 Doug SMith KF6DX  
Experimental Methods in RF Design Wes Hayward W7ZOI 2003  
Experiments with Eproms Dave Prochnow 1998  
FCC Rule and Regulation for the Amateur Radio Service (Feb 23, 2007) (ARRL)  
FCC Rule and Regulation for the Amateur Radio Service (Feb 23, 2007) (ARRL)  
Fundamentals of Digital Electronics 1986 Rosemary Knox  
Getting Started in Electronics - 1997 Printing - Radio Shack  
Getting Started with Amateur Satellites 2006 G. Gould Smith  
Getting Started with Ham Radio (ARRL) 2008  
Handbook of Transformer Design and Application William M. Flanagan  
Hints & Kinks for the Radio Amateur 13th Edition (ARRL) 1992  
Hints & Kinks For The Radio Amateur 18th Edition (ARRL) 2012  
Hints & Kinks For The Radio Amateur 15th Edition (ARRL) 2000  
Hints and Kinks for the Radio Amateur 17th Edition (ARRL) 2004  
Hints and Kinks for the Radio Amateur 8th Edition (ARRL) 2012  
Listening to Shortwave Ken Winters N5AUX 1993  
Making Printed Circuit Voards 1993 Jan Axelson  
Mastering Paramcket Radio The Hands On Guide 1988 Dave Ing  
Mastering the Morse Code Martin Schwartz 1972  
More Wire Antenna Classics Volume 2 2002 Chuck-Hutchinson  
More Wire Antenna Classics Volume 2 Chuck Hutchinson 2010  
Now You're Talking- Discover the World Of Ham Radio (ARRL) 1991  
Phase-Locked Lopps Theory, Design, and Applications Ronald E. Best 1993  
Pinout Handbook 1974  
QRP Notebook 1989 Doug DeMaw W1FB  
Radio For The Millions (Popular Science)  
RCA Transmitting Tubes RCA 1956  
RCA Transmitting Tubes RCA 1956  
Rehulated Power Supplies Fourth Edition 1992 Irving M. Gottlies  
RF/IF Designer's Handbook 1992 Mini-Circuits  
Secretsmof RF Design 1991 Joseph J. Carr  
Semiconductor Reference Guide Archer 1989  
Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur 1986 ARRL  
Text Book on Radio James R. Cameron 1922  
The Amateur Radio Public Service Handbook 2012  
The ARRL Handbook For Radio Communication 2010  
The ARRL Antenna Book for Radio Communication 22nd Edition with CD 2011  
The ARRL Extra Cl;ass License Manual For Ham Radio Ward Silver 2012  
The ARRL General Class License Manual for Ham Radio 2015 Ward Silver  
The ARRL General Class License Manual for Ham Radio with CD (Good until June 30, 2015)  
The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual with CD (Good until June 30, 2014)  
The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communication with CD 2013  
The ARRL Handbook for the Radio Amateur 1990  
The ARRL Handbook for the Radio Amateur (1990)  
The ARRL Operating Manual 1991 Steve Ford  
The ARRL Operating Manual for Radio Amateurs 10th Edition 2012  
The ARRL RFI Book 3rd Edition 2010  
The ARRL Satellite Anthology 1994  
The ARRL Satellite Anthology 1996  
The ARRL Satellite Handbook 2010  
The ARRL Spread Spectrum Sourcebook 1997  
The Modern Power Supply and Battery Charger Circuit Rudolf F. Graf 1992  
The New Weather Satellite Handbook Dr. Ralph E. Taggot WB8DQT  
The Radio Amateurs Handbook by A. Frederick Collins 1927  
The Radio Amateur's Satellite Handbook 2000 Martin Davidoff K2UBC  
The Satellite Experimenter's Handbook 1990 Martin Davidoff K2UBC  
The UHF-Compendium Part 1 of 2 1991  
Theory of Problems of Transmission Lines Robert A. Chipman 1968  
UHF- Compendium Part 3 and 4 K. Weiner DJ9HO  
Understanding Basic Electronics Edition (ARRL) 2012  
Vertical Antenna Classics 1997 Robert Schetgen KU7G  
W1FB's Design Notebook 1990 Doug DeMaw  
Weather Satellite Handbook 1976 Dr. Ralph Taggart  
Workbook II by "The Wireman" Press Jones, N8UG  
Your Gateway to Packet Radio Stan Horzepa WA1LOU 1991  
Your Packet Companion Steve Ford WB8IMY 1992