West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group, Inc.
a Florida Non-Profit Corporation

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Officers and Directors

Executive Officers
Richard Smith  KM4RYM
I was first licensed as a HAM in March of 2016 and recently upgraded my license to a Amateur Extra in January of 2017. I have recently become a VE to assist in getting others licensed and interested in this wonderful hobby. I look forward to learning more about the hobby over the years to come. I am a long time member of The American Legion and the 40&8. I have lived in Palm Beach County for over 30 years.
Kevin Addison  KM4RYN
Vice President
Jerry Grant  KI4NUV
Jerry Grant is a native of Brookline, Mass but moved to Florida after graduating with a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Connecticut. He successfully opened and ran three pharmacies in Northern Palm Beach County until 1979 when he sold his businesses. He got involved in the Real Estate Profession and successfully ran a large Real Estate Company and several well known Real Estate Schools. He became involved in Amateur Radio after retiring and has been an officer and a member of the Clubs Board of Directors for many years. He has been married for over fifty years, has two children and currently, three grandchildren.
Jim Nagle  KF4OD
Board of Directors
Stephen Ikler  KS3K
Board Member
Steve has a BA degree from SUNY at Buffalo and a MS Ed degree from SUNY College at Buffalo. His professional career of 28 years was in College Student Financial Aid as both a Director of Financial Aid at two colleges and a financial aid systems developer for a college administrative systems company in PA. His ham radio career began in high school in 1968 with a Novice license, followed a year later with a General license and then an Advanced license several years after that. He upgraded to Amateur Extra in 2013. While living in PA, Steve was the VP and newsletter editor for the Mid-Atlantic Amateur Radio Club for 6 years. Steve was VP of the WPBARG for one year and then President for two years after that. Steve has lived with his wife Gail in Boynton Beach, FL for the past five years. He was a part-time Palm Beach County resident for 5 years prior to that.