Hawaii Fires and HF Frequencies

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Hawaii Fires and HF Frequencies

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As the news of fires in Hawaii continues to develop and the death toll is approaching one hundred, with property damage currently over five billion, the people in Hawaii are in our thoughts and prayers. Below are some frequencies you can monitor (see note below).

7.088 SSB - Nets
3.880 SSB
7.080 SSB
7.095 SSB

More information on the Nets are here - https://www.konaweb.com/net/

Note: FCC rules permit SSB operation below 7100 (7.075 - 7.100) outside of the continental US (ITU 1,3 and FCC Region 2 West of
130° West or below 20° North).* Here, we are permitted a portion of frequencies (7.025 - 7.125) for CW, but please leave them open and do not transmit on them for now.

*See Sections 97.305(c), 97.307(f)(11) and 97.301(e).

For folks considering financial donations, I would encourage you to vet the organization before donating. My go-to organization for many years continues to be Direct Relief. If you've not heard of Direct Relief, that's likely because none of their donations are spent on fundraising. - https://www.directrelief.org/
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Re: Hawaii Fires and HF Frequencies

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Thanks for the heads up..
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