Hurricane Idalia Frequencies

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Hurricane Idalia Frequencies

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I received this information from some friends up in Northern Florida, so I will pass it on:

Our primary HF frequency will be 7.250 Mhz LSB if we need HF comms. The Hurricane Nets are active, and can be monitored on 14.325 Mhz and 7.268 Mhz.

Clay ARES: 146.925 Mhz. Off-Set: -0.6, PL Tone: 156.7
Duval EOC: 146.955 Mhz. Off-Set: -0.6, PL Tone: 127.3
St. Johns ARES: 145.210 Mhz. Off-Set: -0.6, PL Tone: 127.3

Also -

Note: Currently SARnet is locked down for non-essential traffic and is under EOC management.

If anyone has anything else, please share it here.
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