Last Night’s Meeting - 10/26/22

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Last Night’s Meeting - 10/26/22

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As it is every month for me, it was great to see everyone last night, with some new faces as well! Eli, expectedly, put on a great presentation… this time on amateur radio hotspots.

Before the minutes are released, here are some key takeaways and a “Save the Date.”

November Meeting
Due to the holiday, November’s meeting will be on the 16th.

Save the Date
Our Christmas party will be in December. We are examining the possibility of holding it at Hurricane Wings on 441 and Lake Worth Road. More information will follow.

Website WIP
Adding PayPal
Automating the SSL
Application Form
Members Database

Future Activities
Remote work outings
Fox Hunt

Notes: Mike (K4MIA) had another record breaking year in his POW/MIA special event. We should probably do a separate post on this, but for now, see this post on QRZ - ... ows.830266

Adding to Eli's presentation last night, my favorite a single source reference for Pi-Star has been -
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